Monday, March 06, 2006

Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls
Wednesday March 8th 2006
At the Palace of Auburn Hills

Rip Hamilton: 21.3 points per game Ben Gordon: 16.5 points per game
Chauncey Billups: 18.9 points per game Kurk Hinrich: 15.2 points per game
Rasheed Wallace: 15.6 point per game Luol Deng: 13.3 points per game
Ben Wallace: 8.3 def. rebounds per game Andres Nicioni: 4.2 def. rebounds per game
Tayshaun Prince: 13.8 point per game Darius Songaila: 9.3 points per game

Last Encounter: February 24th, 2006 @ Chicago
Pistons 95
Bulls 87

If you want to see a high scoring, big blocks, fast pace game this is your place to be on March 8th. Come see the Detroit superstars as the Bulls try to topple over the unstoppable. This has been a strong rivalry since the Jordan era. Come and see both teams battle it out on the court the Palace will be on fire with excitement though out city of Detroit. This heated battle been played since the 70s with non stop excitement. This game is going to be no exception and is going to rock the city and Detroit’s all stars are going to smash the bulls like they have smashed the LA Lakers in the 2004 finals. This Pistons team has calibrated to a fine tuned machine that is nearly on stoppable on the track to the finals.
Aaron Bacon
Randall Mckeever
Claudia Iraira